A Stroll Down Memory Lane Could Open the Door to New Opportunities

When you think back on your time at AI, you remember more than just studying for tests and spending hours in the lab. You remember the people – the other students, instructors, and staff members who shared information, gave you advice, or just made you laugh out loud.

AI encourages students to make those personal connections, because the friends you make at school can become the professional connections that will help you find your next great job.

That’s why we organize all those events on and off campus. Remember the BBQs celebrating MARWeek, DARWeek, Massage Therapy Day, and Black and Hispanic History months? Remember the fundraisers and health fairs and blood drives? Remember wearing “blue jeans for babies,” a hat on National Hat Day, and a costume on Halloween?

Those events gave you a chance to get to know your fellow students and start building the bonds that can help propel your career. And now you can relive them!

We’ve captured some of your favorite memories in AI Yearbooks now available online. Take a moment to flip through your AI yearbooks, and you may remember someone who could be the key to your future.

Need help connecting with your fellow AI alumni? Contact the career services team on campus. While you’re at it, ask how they can help you with your next career move.