5 reasons to love massage therapy careers

5 Reasons to Love a Career in Massage Therapy

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” American Institute graduates who chose to pursue a career in massage therapy tell us they love what they do for five important reasons.

  1. I am a licensed professional. Like all health care professionals, massage therapists undergo intensive training, practice for hundreds of hours, and must take a rigorous exam to qualify for licensure. Massage therapists are respected health professionals who often work alongside doctors, nurses and other therapists as part of a multidisciplinary care team.
  2. I make people feel better. Massage therapy provides immediate relief from pain, improves circulation, alleviates stress and restores mental and physical balance. Massage therapists get to see and hear from clients about the positive impact of their work every day.
  3. I can choose a flexible work schedule. Massage therapists can often choose when, how often and even where they provide their services, giving them the freedom to balance work with family responsibilities and personal interests.
  4. I feel confident I can always find work. Over the next decade, demand for massage therapists is expected to grow 22%, with jobs opening up at spas and resorts, health care facilities, and fitness centers as more people recognize and demand access to the therapeutic benefits of massage.
  5. I can be my own boss. More than half of massage therapists choose to work independently at some point in their career. Owning your own massage therapy business provides even greater flexibility and income earning potential, and requires a minimal start-up investment.

“We’ve helped hundreds of students realize their dream of becoming massage therapists,” says Brooke Baran, American Institute Vice President of Education. “Today, our graduates are working in hotels and spas, health care facilities, sports facilities, and on their own, earning income and helping people – it’s truly a win-win career.”